Optrex Cloud 9 Recordings

In June 2016, eye experts Optrex approached me to compose an album of ambient music to accompany their new Warming Eye mask product. It was an excellent experience where I got to work with some really friendly and talented people, without any creative restriction.

The basic premise for the project was to create a series of 10 minute tracks using field recordings gathered from five different locations – the home, an office, a cab journey, a train commute and an airport/flight.

The tracks are a blend of environmental sounds and ambient synthesis. To underpin the task of helping people to relax, my aim was to try and place the field recordings in a more pleasant setting, so listeners may form more positive associations with them when heard in daily life. I needed to strike a good balance between them and the synthesised music so they complimented one another. The biggest challenge, other than the final mixing stage was to keep the tracks relaxing, whilst retaining the true nature of environmental sound – which meant including the peace and the chaos.